"Luminous Wind"
Goddess art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Earth Day excerpt...

I have been battling stomach bugs and headaches and sleepless nights. Feeling better now. Back on the writing track.  Earth Day entry is nearly finished.  Here is another small sampling. Enjoy!

“It might feel like you are dying, too. It might feel like a piece of you has died with her. But, you will be OK eventually. It will hurt. I've lost people too. I was too young to remember my father dying, but I remember very clearly when my grandmother died. You will get through it. You are not alone. She will always be part of you. I will help you if you let me.” This unexpected compassion he was showing overwhelmed Mistie more than anything.

“It is not that I might feel like I am dying: I will die." She corrected. "We are connected. What happens to her - happens to me. Unless...” She let the sentence trail off. William wanted to understand, but she just sometimes made no sense at all.

“Unless what?” He cupped her chin and lifted her face to his. “You can tell me.”

“Unless, I give up who I am.” She captivated him with her misty eyes.

How many times must I repeat similar words to those hurting and wrapped in the cloak of grief? If I were to get a tattoo; I think it should be a word, or a succession of words "You are not alone." And maybe, someone will believe and take comfort in it.

It matters not the story written, Spirit always finds a way to weave within my words.  Sometimes I rebel against it.  But what use is there in that?  At least inspiration has returned.  At least the release I seek through words - is mine.  Balance. Light. Release. Peace.