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Thursday, June 23, 2011

~*Lavender and Love*~ is getting wonderful feedback

I can't believe the incredible reception that ~*Lavender and Love*~ has already gotten! People are sharing their own stories with me, which I think is a cathartic and healing thing.  I am sure the inspiration of the story would be happy knowing her story is touching lives. I know it has touched mine while I wrote it.
Just yesterday, a Literature Professor that I had in college expressed interest in sharing the story with her Disability and Literature Class. What an incredible honor that would be!

Here is some feedback.


"This story hit so close to what is happening with a friend that I can see her and myself as the characters. There is absolutely no way to thank you for sharing this.....
Best of luck in the contest." ~TF

"I loved the story was very touching. You did an excellent job with a very sensitive subject I wish you the best of luck with the contest My only wish it Literotica had more then five stars so I could give you a more befitting vote on your story
Thank you for posting" ~DE

"A sweet story with a theme that is always present in real life. It sometimes takes the worst before we appreciate the best, which may be in front of us all the time. Best of luck in the contest." ~NR

"I'm just passing the one year mark of healing from an accident that has changed my life...there is beauty in and around us, no matter what befalls us, it's there.
A beautiful story" ~Anonymous

"Wow. Just wow. That was a remarkable tale. You did an excellent job of showing Caressa's pain and her fight to become a woman again. I will definitively look for more stories from Luna." ~KN


I'm excited by the response and so appreciative of feedback. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

~*Lavender and Love*~ Nude Day Contest Entry

My Literotica, "Nude Day Contest" entry has posted!  Please Read, Vote, and Comment. :)

Winners will be announced on July 23rd. 

~*Lavender and Love*~

Can she accept her body to embrace Healing, Wholeness, Love?

Enjoy and Thank You! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nude Day story complete!

Wheee! Nude Day Entry: 15,950 words.  Raw, unedited, but done.  This one was truly a labor of love and had me on a roller coaster of emotions: From the moment I started writing it, through the frustrations, insecurities, pain, moments of healing and acceptance and love, to realizing I was writing someone's story.

I hope I have honored her and the message comes through clearly.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sex on the brain: Orgasms unlock altered consciousness

Sex on the brain: Orgasms unlock altered consciousness

I'm sharing this link that I saw on Literotica's Facebook Page:

My response was this:

Intriguing article. Most definitely possible. It can cause out-of-body experiences. Those kinds of shift in consciousness can improve pain. As a chronic pain sufferer, I can attest to the endorphin release and easing of pain during stimulation and/or orgasm. Whether it's solo or with a partner. But to be truthful? Nothing to me is more stimulating than words and it makes sense that the power of imagination and ability to fantasize would evoke those responses.

It certainly does in my case; sometimes even stronger than touch (especially when touch isn't always possible). Thank goodness for the imagination, in those cases! :) I explore this shift in consciousness in some of my stories and take it to another level in my shifter/paranormal tale: "Shifting Illuminations"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nude Day story portion

I still have a couple of weeks to finish this story before the contest opens. I'm at 12,000 words. Here's a little sampling. This just sets the theme up. Enjoy!

“Hmm what? I know that tone. I don't like that tone.” She wagged her pointer finger at him.

“What tone are you referring to?” He whistled innocently.

“That tone of mischief.” She squinted her eyes giving him “the look”.

“Moi?” Pointing to himself with his thumb, he slid the panties back off her leg.

“Yes. Now, what is the hmm?” She held on to his arms, watching the panties disappear into his pocket.

“Oh nothing. It's just, today is July 14th.” He stated like she would know what that meant.

“Yeah, so? It's hot out. It's summer. We just had 4th of July. Your point?” Caressa rolled her eyes, as she grabbed at the panties sticking out of his pocket.

“What do you think you are doing with these?” She grabbed again but he dodged her.

“Well, July 14th is a holiday too. It's National Nude Day.” He told her, holding her wrist and stuffing the panties back into the pocket.

“Yeah right.” She laughed uncomfortably. “Those are mine.”

“I'm serious. It's sorta unofficial, but it is said that it started over in New Zealand and a lot of people observe it as a way to honor and worship the beauty of the human body.” He explained. “But don't quote me on that.  I partook in National Nude Day in college.”

“Omg! Cameron, were you a streaker?” She gazed at him, incredulously, worried for her panties.

“I might have been: in the past.” He smiled widely. “I know these are yours. I'm just keeping them safe so you don't lose them again.” A wicked gleam glimmered in his eyes.

“I never knew.” Her jaw dropped open.

“There's a lot you don't know about me.” He said quietly as he tapped the tip of her nose with his finger. “I was a bit of a nudist back then.”

“Um.” She couldn't think of what to say to that shocking bit of news. “ She snapped her mouth shut.

“Anyway, I'm a grown man now.” He tried to convince them both which caused a giggle to escape her tightly pressed lips.