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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~*Jersey Summer Love*~

Sorry for the lag between updates!

I've been a busy girl finishing up ~*Jersey Summer Love*~ my Literotica Summer Lovin' Contest entry.  Winners announced September 13th.

I squeaked the entry in with 18 minutes to spare. Whew!  What a race against the clock and a contest with myself.  This marks a full year of contest entries: completed stories, themed inspiration, and dancing with my muse.  I'm really excited about that.  I had such a dry spell for several years when it came to my writing.  It feels amazing to be back. :)

Sun, fun, romance, and self-discovery on the Jersey Shore - between a shy, local "anti" shore girl and her summer "benny" boy - who draws her out of her shell and opens her to new experiences, even as she opens him up to wonders.

Feel free to read, vote, and/or comment on my contest entry for Literotica's Summer Lovin' Contest and ENJOY!!

A few comments so far:

Worth The Wait: "A well written adventure of discovery, fear and love. I liked it from the start and read with interest throughout the story - it really isn't that long as the 3 main characters are developed well enough to keep even a ditzy romantic like me interested in their doings."

Great Story! "As someone who lives in Toms River you made the places I know come alive." ~Anonymous 2

"I found it interesting, you created conflict, you use dialogue well and unlike most lit stories, it centered around the character Raina rather than around the sex." 

~K in e-mail (who would like to see the story developed further and put up on amazon as a novella to be bought.)



Rolling Muse In The Roses said...

Sweet, fun, and I loved it! Awesome as always. :)