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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~*Wynter of Contentment*~

How about checking out last year's Winter Holiday story ~*Wynter of Contentment*~ while you wait for me to finish and post this year's entry?

"Wynter's touch blesses them with the ultimate holiday gift." My sweet and sexy little twist on the traditional 'Frosty the Snow Man' tale.

Here's a wee sampling to intrigue and whet your appetite. Enjoy! :)

"Don't step back." Warm breath bathed her face as he pulled away. Gone was the carrot nose, in its place resided an aquiline nose, the kind that Brynn always read about in romance novels. When she had looked up the meaning of it and learned it meant "hooked," as in a beak, she wasn't sure how attractive it would be. But, on this snowy man who held her and was moving in for another kiss, the small bump on the bridge of his nose and the slight bend looked damn sexy. She moved her arms up to encircle his neck. He wore an endearingly lop-sided smile.

"I'm dreaming. I fell asleep with the book in my lap and I imagined the main character into my dream," she reasoned with herself. A soft, male chuckle followed her words. "Or, maybe I hit my head. Yes, that's it. When I was standing on the bucket, it did fall, and I fell and smashed my head on something." The green eyes sparkled and the lips moved to kiss the corner of her mouth. "A-a concussion." She stammered.

"Does it really matter what or how it happened?" The tenor voice asked her.

"No," she replied, weakly. "Dreamy snow man," she whispered, "don't stop kissing." He responded by kissing her with renewed fervor. She responded by moaning and parting her lips. His cold tongue slowly entered her mouth and touched hers. She swirled her tongue with his, slipping it back out again to run it along his upper lip.

"You taste like chocolate," she murmured, licking his other lip and sucking it into her mouth.

"The M&M's were a tasty touch, if I do say so myself. I'm glad you listened to my mind-speak," he replied, tilting and angling her head so he could deepen the kiss.

With the exception of his arms, his body was still very snow-man-ish. But slowly, as the kisses heated up, the snow began to melt. The snow man lowered Brynn's feet to the ground. She looked down, seeing herself standing in a puddle and looked back up into his eyes. She watched as the snow slid off of his body. She half expected him to melt away, leaving only a puddle in his wake. As she watched in wonder, the snow melted and revealed a body beneath. A naked body. A little thrill ran through her and she shivered at the sight before her.

Her first thought was, he must be cold; her second was; it's my mission to warm the naked snow man up; her third thought was, she wanted him. Her body tingled where she hadn't felt tingles in a long time, save from the good vibrations she occasionally gave herself with her toys (when her son was out of the house).

"Are you real?" she asked in wonder as she and unwound her arms from around his neck, tugged her gloves off to trail her fingers down his shoulders and slip them across his chest. Moving downward, she explored the planes of his torso and looked down at his semi-flaccid cock, licking her lips.

"Um," she whispered. "Are you cold?" Her fingers glided down to stroke the cold length of his growing erection...


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~*Wynter of Contentment*~
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