"Luminous Wind"
Goddess art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Thursday, December 8, 2011

~*Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind*~ 2nd excerpt....

I'm getting some wonderful and positive feedback on my Winter Holiday story. I'd love to share another excerpt with you.  You can find the rest of the story for FREE at Literotica:  ~*Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind*~

Please feel free to Read, Vote, and/or Comment. The contest closes next Wednesday, December 14th. Thanks and ENJOY! :)


"Sometimes, I'm jealous of that horse," Collin growled.

"Jealous of my horse?" Raechel turned her head to look up at him and stole a kiss from his soft lips.

"Yeah. It's like you two have this secret language all to yourselves. I watch you with him and the way he responds to your gentle touch and your sweet voice and well, I see in Wind's eye that he responds in just the same way I respond to you."

"And how is that?" she asked, curious. Skimming his hands up her body, Collin cupped her breasts in answer. The rough skin of his thumbs moved in circles over her nipples. When they pebbled in response, Raechel arched her back. He untangled his legs from hers, grabbed several pillows to cushion her, and moved around to the front of her body....

 Come find out what's so special about the horse, the man, and the woman who loves them both: 

Thanks! :)