"Luminous Wind"
Goddess art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bare feet and breezes....

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." ~Khalil Gibran 

If you didn't have the ability to connect your bare feet to the earth (and some don't - please pipe in)...

...or feel the breezes caress your hair...

...tell me - what is your simple, sensory pleasure?  

Friday, August 5, 2011

~Love's Illumination~

~Love's Illumination~
By: Luna Aldora
© 8/5/11

I love a full-bodied kiss; when your hands are in my hair, or on my waist, or inching lightly, slowly up my thigh, meandering up my side to brush against a curve as I cling to your body, breathing in your scent, and sharing your breath.


I love when you lift my hand to your lips, gaze holding mine, whispering a kiss across the backs of them, each in turn, flipping one hand over and pressing your tongue against my palm while holding the other firmly, securely, eliciting a shiver as you get a glimpse of my pearly whites before they seize my lower lip between them, sucking in a breath. I imagine the feel of your tongue sliding against mine, gasping instead as your mouth travels across the lines inside: heart, head, life, destiny, health, sex, spirit, money, fame, travel, marriage, luck - carving a pathway to the center of my palm, the heart of my giving.


I love when you fit me against you, connecting heart to heart, my head nestled beneath your chin, cuddling to your heat, nuzzling your chin against the crown of my head. White light fills me cleansing, as I sing a Violet song of Connection - Spiritual and Pure.


I love when you caress my hair, sweeping it away and tucking it behind an ear, dropping a kiss to that spot between my brows - the Indigo dream of my Vision.


I love when you kiss the column of my throat, my neck arched, exposed to you, vulnerable as you draw out the words, open the lines of Communication - soft Blue envelops me.

I love when your nose nudges along the fabric of my shirt, teeth grazing my collarbone, tongue licking a trail to the tender spot above my heart - Connection with all beings, Divine Love and Guidance - bathing me in Turquoise streams.


I love when your hand slides between pert globes as heat emanates from your fingers, your gaze on my breast, hungry for reciprocation, opening my heart to the Emerald flow and blush of Love.


I love when your lips tease and tantalize, traveling the mountains and valleys of my body, gliding across the planes of my stomach, finding the Center of my Power, your hand pressing down slightly, invoking - Golden and Glowing and Balance - Mastery shared.


I love when your mouth and hands dance across the soft swell of my abdomen, nipping my waistline, nose dipping into my bellybutton - the Lifeline of Birth, Wellspring of Life, and Soul of Creativity - my desire bright and bold, sending Orange sparks rippling along my spine.


I love that moment when your eyes whisper their love to me as your head disappears between my thighs, parting as I open to you, my body on the edge, as you taste my essence before hovering above me, poised and diving deep, plunging into the core - Grounding me. You slip out. I climb on top, rising above you, riding, holding you within, grinding, my muscles fluttering around your hardness. You pulsate. Primal, haze of Red - Yes, building up a rhythm, the tempo of the ages - Survive me, Revive me, we Manifest into being as the crimson coil uncurls, writhing, rising to Ascension as I Vibrate and you swallow my scream of ecstasy.




I love when we remain connected, basking in the afterglow and knowing deep within that our love is on another level, our beings entwined, and our purpose served.  We are liberated in this knowledge as our souls release the bonds of physicality and we soar free. You twitch deep within me and we fall into arms, into hearts, into bodies glistening with heat and Light.



We reluctantly part - legs entangling, arms entwining, satiated, liquid and languid - as sleep creeps upon us and Rainbow Light embraces us.

Love's Illumination.