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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #8 - Prize

Woohoo! It's my eighth Flash Fiction Friday with the Flashers writing group. The group is growing and it's awesome. Enjoy this naughty bit of fun this week! ;) And please feel free to comment. Thanks!

Flash Fiction Friday - Writing challenge based on a picture prompt. One picture to inspire one hundred words (no more, no less).


Ash watched Saskia saunter over to the table.

“Bet I can take you both on,” she sassed the men.

Erik choked on his beer as the goddess sat. Her green eyes stared into his soul, enthralling him.

“What's the prize?” Daniel sized up the long-legged vixen.

“Whoever beats me, fucks me.”

They exchanged glances. “If we both beat you?” Daniel questioned.


“We're in.” They agreed.


“I get so wet when you toy...” Ash said between Saskia's thighs.

“Less talking, Ashlea,” Saskia quipped, moaning as her girlfriend drove her over the edge... 


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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #7 - Christmas Light

Welcome to a special Holiday/Christmas Flash Fiction!  The moment I laid eyes on this romantic picture, I knew I had found my contribution photo.  As some authors/Flashers have stated in our group, this picture could use an entire novel's worth of descriptions and story-line.  I certainly agree.  However, "Flash" is the name of the game.  One picture prompt to inspire One-Hundred words (no more, no less). Fiction.

 Christmas Light

Eyes meeting, the couple seemed oblivious to the elements as I watched from the shadows. My heart warmed at the romantic scene. The gentleman was tender, respectful, and slightly hesitant as the sophisticated beauty slid her hands up to his shoulders, stood on tiptoe, glided her lips across his; claiming him. He drew her in closer to deepen the kiss. As his cool, calming demeanor tempered the fiery spirit of the passionate enchantress, I smiled and nodded, allowing Christmas Light to envelop me in it's freeing embrace. Love had come again and I knew she would be what he needed.


I hope you enjoyed reading my little tale of holiday romance.  And please remember that although this can be a difficult time of year, missing those who are no longer with us, they are always near if we just listen and pay attention to the signs of love they have to share with us. If you need help listening, please take a look at an essay I wrote last year from personal experience and from the experience of the people who have come to me for healing and comfort.


Now, go on over and show the rest of the Flash Fiction Friday crew this week some love.  You're sure to find sweet, sassy, naughty, dirty, and thought-provoking Flash Fictions.  All flavors and all styles represented. :)

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Happy Holidays to One and All. My wish is for you to have gratitude and find contentment in what you do have, but not to stop believing in the magic of possibilities - including love! <3


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #6 - Respite

Woohoo! It's my sixth Flash Fiction Friday with the Flashers writing group. The group is going and it's awesome. Enjoy! ;)

Flash Fiction Friday - Writing challenge based on a picture prompt. One picture to inspire one hundred words (no more, no less).


Cary peeked around the suite's doorjamb waiting to ambush Devon. He had plans for him. Big plans that included ice skating in the park, roasting marshmallows, trading beer for fine wine, and making passionate love. He knew it had been a tough couple months for Dev and had suggested the brief respite.

He admired Devon's lithe body, but admitted to himself he missed the muscled physique. Cary was always the slighter and had enjoyed his love's strength and power. 

Sensing Cary watching him, Devon turned his head.

“I'm in re-remission,” he stuttered, sliding to the floor, dropping the phone.


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Winter Holidays winners announced...

Congratulations to the Literotica Winter Holiday Winners!! Nomoretears00 ("A Ta'Narian Christmas") for took 1st Place, cbsummers ("Santa Claus: Sex Addict") took 2nd place (I have to read it yet) and SweetestThing took 3rd place ("A Proper Send-Off").
"A Ta'Narian Christmas" (Gay Male, Sci-fi/Fantasy) was heart-warming, humorous, emotional, and a perfect holiday story. I was swept into the Ta'Narian world and made to believe. I want one of the cat-men for myself! Oh wait, I don't think the boys like to share each other. *pout* 'Tis a shame. ;)
"A Proper Send-Off" (Lesbian) was wonderful, emotive story telling, full of tenderness, wit, heat.
Congrats to all of the authors brave enough to enter, withstand the trolls, the sweeps, and the competition. I've made some wonderful new connections again. :)
My thanks to everyone for your support, kind comments, and sharing your own personal stories with me! Your comments on ~Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind~ make my heart smile and my cheeks blush and I am sure the inspiration of the story is smiling down and shining her love as well.

I hope to see more stories with disabled main characters in them. There is SUCH a need for it. Even more so, a need for the romance and erotica genres to explore it more fully. A disability or illness does not cancel out a person's sexuality or ability to love, in fact it can enhance it. Learning, exploring, and adapting can be fun! Maybe I will write more. :)

There are some wonderful resources out there, even documentaries done that can help you learn more if you are interested in disability studies and in particular sexuality aspects. PM MidniteRose (Aurora Rose Andromeda) if you'd like to. She's opened my eyes to so much and for that I can never thank her enough, for she is a true soul-sister and friend. <3

I wish you all Happy, Health, Heart-filled, Healing Holidays!

Friday, December 9, 2011

On Muses, Visitation, and Inspiration...

I had been pondering Muses for awhile and then came upon this chit-chat session between Benjamin Russell and Chrystian Marrero at Naughty Nights Press which was quite entertaining and also informative.  It made me revisit my thoughts about Muses.

I've been under the impression for almost two years now that my Muses had returned to me.  I was writing again after a painful, five-year dry-spell which I attribute to my marriage. In supporting my ex-husband in his own artistic endeavors, I ignored my own.  When it came down to it, he had a dampening effect on my creativity with his negativity that I never realized (like so very many things) until he was out of the house, at which time I found the freedom to create again.  I think I became so wrapped up in being a wife, a step-mother, and when baby came; being a new Mommy, that I neglected myself and my needs.

He needed his hand held and needed my support because he felt like a failed artist.  So, being the loving wife that I was, I gave him everything of myself. But, I digress, this isn't supposed to be a post about my ex-husband (which in a week it will be 1 full year since the freedom of divorce for me). I began to write poetry again.  It was a great outlet for my emotions and a way to record some of the precious moments with my newborn baby. I even wrote a few lullabies for her.

I hopped over to Literotica to read a few stories occasionally and cringed at my college attempts at writing the genre.  But I didn't put too much more thought into it until a year later when a surgery that my (new) boyfriend was having inspired a short, teasing, story, ~TLC~. He encouraged me to post it to the site. 

(Disclaimer: I do not write this to offend, push my beliefs on, nor upset anyone. I am simply sharing some of my experiences as a writer, Sensitive, and as a person.)

I saw the themed contest open for Summer Lovin' stories and I immediately had a story idea in mind about a love re-connection. I began to write the story, ~Summer Spirit~. As I sat back to read it, I quickly realized it had gone from Romance to Paranormal romance. I wondered how that had happened and what it could mean.  I've written Spirit Stories before. I've had my writing taken over by those from the Otherside in the past, but that was the first time it had happened in my erotic romance. I wondered why and if it was okay. I was a little surprised and uncomfortable with the Spirit taking over my story. But knowing the nature of Spirit communication, I accepted it. I had to write her story, otherwise I would have gotten no peace.

I started writing like mad and actually completing stories, probably for the first time in my life.  I entered every single contest for a year. The themed nature of the stories truly inspired me. I was buzzing with excitement.  My Muses had returned!  I celebrated by writing more.  I felt elated and reconnected and balanced again, something that had eluded me in the past.

But with each consecutive story that I wrote and posted, I realized something that took me aback. Nearly every single story was Spirit-inspired or Spirit-guided.  Even the stories that have no moments of the Paranormal in them, like ~Lavender and Love~, are still Spirit inspired.  My latest, a Winter Holiday entry ~Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind~ does have a paranormal element to it, but it's the non-paranormal character who is the Spirit inspiration to that one.

You might ask what I mean by that?  I'm a Spirit Medium. I communicate with people's loved ones from the Otherside. It is not something that I ever sought out, nor even wanted. They seek me out, and over time I learned how to accept and even embrace my spiritual abilities. Sometimes, the Spirits who visit me have a story to tell.  They contact me and share their stories with me.  Often, the telling is enough and then the Spirit will go on their way. Sometimes, their loved ones will read the story and "claim" them.  Other times, they need help finding their way across, which I provide to them.  It all depends upon the circumstances.

Why they choose to come into and inspire my erotic romance is truly beyond me, especially when it is a child who is guiding me along - like in Jersey Love: Apple Dreams and Release - where a teenager was sharing her story with me.

So I have to wonder, if I am being inspired by those who are no longer living on this Earth, have my Muses truly returned to me? And if my Muses are still missing, when will they come home? And what kind of mischief will they get me into when the Spirits do stop talking? Will they ever? Will I ever get the chance to write a story I want, that came directly from my own imagination and mind and not put there by someone else? 

We all think about those people "reading over our shoulder" who might not approve, or might be curious, or critical, or make comments.  I have those, but they're not figments of my imagination, they are people's loved ones and they can be demanding of my time and energy. It is only when I agree to write the story and set up my boundaries that sleep can be had. During a visitation or communication, I and the people I work with, get validations which go a long way towards reassuring me that they are real. 

Am I grateful to be writing again? Yes! Am I bothered by these Spirit presences? Not usually. Am I honored and humbled to be the one they open up to and they turn to for help? Absolutely! Will I continue to write their stories for them? I will.

Is this any different than Inspiration and where our Muses come from? Do you believe in the Collective Unconscious that creative people dip into, that well-spring of ideas that have been thought of in the past, are being thought now, and are yet-to-be-thought except on another level? Or maybe all of those ideas - thought-forms - are all occurring simultaneously.

"Writers are all too familiar with this process. The characters from novels or scripts are noted for taking on a life of their own. They behave in a certain way not because the author wants them to, but because they have to.  That is the way they are. With millions of stories having been told, somewhere out there on the psychic airwaves are all the characters." ~Judy Hall

My stories clearly aren't all "mine." In fact, that same Spirit teenager I spoke of earlier reminded me very sweetly during the month of October, that it was HER story and I'm just her writer. Hmph!

Do you think as writers we can truly claim that a story is all our own and that our characters do what we want because we wrote them that way? Or should we instead be asking nicely? Why do you think so many writers personify their Muses? Or personify and form "relationships" with their characters?

I leave the discussion open. While I have my own ideas as to some of my questions, I'm curious to see what your thoughts are.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #5- Winter's First

Woohoo! It's my fifth Flash Fiction Friday with the Flashers writing group. Enjoy! ;)

Flash Fiction Friday - Writing challenge based on a picture prompt. One picture to inspire one hundred words (no more, no less).

Winter's First

She knelt with head bowed in reverence. This could finally be her chance to prove herself; a way to set her apart. She trembled with excitement as sweat pooled at her feet, rushing in rivulets across the surface, icing over. Her sister was chosen last year. Gathering her courage to her breast, she gazed with yearning down at Earth below. At the “ahem,” she looked up and met her frosty gaze.

“Ready?” Winter's crisp voice asked.

She smiled.

“Go forth, Winter's First Snow.”

Unable to contain her joy, she spread her wings and dropped off the cloud.


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~*Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind*~ 2nd excerpt....

I'm getting some wonderful and positive feedback on my Winter Holiday story. I'd love to share another excerpt with you.  You can find the rest of the story for FREE at Literotica:  ~*Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind*~

Please feel free to Read, Vote, and/or Comment. The contest closes next Wednesday, December 14th. Thanks and ENJOY! :)


"Sometimes, I'm jealous of that horse," Collin growled.

"Jealous of my horse?" Raechel turned her head to look up at him and stole a kiss from his soft lips.

"Yeah. It's like you two have this secret language all to yourselves. I watch you with him and the way he responds to your gentle touch and your sweet voice and well, I see in Wind's eye that he responds in just the same way I respond to you."

"And how is that?" she asked, curious. Skimming his hands up her body, Collin cupped her breasts in answer. The rough skin of his thumbs moved in circles over her nipples. When they pebbled in response, Raechel arched her back. He untangled his legs from hers, grabbed several pillows to cushion her, and moved around to the front of her body....

 Come find out what's so special about the horse, the man, and the woman who loves them both: 

Thanks! :)


Sunday, December 4, 2011

~*Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind*~

My Literotica 2011 Winter Holiday Contest - Romance is up!!

Christmas Spirit with a Paranormal Touch, Creature Comfort, and the Magic of Wishes for one grieving heart. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours. My wish is for you to have gratitude and find contentment in what you do have, but not to stop believing in the magic of possibilities - including love! <3 
 Feel free to Read, Vote, and/or Comment. Contest ends December 14th. Enjoy and Thank you! ;)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #4- Innocence

Woohoo! It's my fourth Flash Fiction Friday with the Flashers writing group. Enjoy! ;)

Flash Fiction Friday - Writing challenge based on a picture prompt. One picture to inspire one hundred words (no more, no less).

(Note: ALL persons are of legal age! Explaining ages didn't fit in the Flash Fiction story. Thanks Bonni for bringing it up and checking on that.)

I peered through the keyhole of my sister's bedroom stifling a gasp. Not only did she have a boy in her room, she'd snuck into Mom's closet and was trying on her vintage clothing. Busted!

“Shh, my sister's home from college and is going to hear.” Olivia giggled as he slid his hand over to cup her bare breast. This was no boy. This was a man about to take advantage of my innocent little sister.

I turned the knob, halting as she flipped over, crawled up to him, a come-hither expression on her face. Innocence, or feigned innocence?


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