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Thursday, June 23, 2011

~*Lavender and Love*~ is getting wonderful feedback

I can't believe the incredible reception that ~*Lavender and Love*~ has already gotten! People are sharing their own stories with me, which I think is a cathartic and healing thing.  I am sure the inspiration of the story would be happy knowing her story is touching lives. I know it has touched mine while I wrote it.
Just yesterday, a Literature Professor that I had in college expressed interest in sharing the story with her Disability and Literature Class. What an incredible honor that would be!

Here is some feedback.


"This story hit so close to what is happening with a friend that I can see her and myself as the characters. There is absolutely no way to thank you for sharing this.....
Best of luck in the contest." ~TF

"I loved the story was very touching. You did an excellent job with a very sensitive subject I wish you the best of luck with the contest My only wish it Literotica had more then five stars so I could give you a more befitting vote on your story
Thank you for posting" ~DE

"A sweet story with a theme that is always present in real life. It sometimes takes the worst before we appreciate the best, which may be in front of us all the time. Best of luck in the contest." ~NR

"I'm just passing the one year mark of healing from an accident that has changed my life...there is beauty in and around us, no matter what befalls us, it's there.
A beautiful story" ~Anonymous

"Wow. Just wow. That was a remarkable tale. You did an excellent job of showing Caressa's pain and her fight to become a woman again. I will definitively look for more stories from Luna." ~KN


I'm excited by the response and so appreciative of feedback.