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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quick Nibble: ~*CLICK*~

I figured while I wait for my edits, I'd give you all something quick and yummy to nibble on.
I do hope you enjoy it, especially the wee twist!   Please leave comments. :) Thanks!

By: Luna Aldora

She lay sprawled in the tub, the frothy bubbles caressing her curves. The room was bathed in a warm glow from the flicker of flame. Hypnotic strains of music played softly in the background; the twitter of birdsong flowing on a breeze, the minor chords of ivory lulling her mind, and a gentle acoustic strumming - soothing her senses. Her head was cushioned on a pillow of air, hazel eyes closed. She didn't hear the door open or see her lover slip in. As she relaxed, she sunk deeper in the tub, only her head and the tips of her toes above the water. She sighed deeply and released all the tension the day had brought with it. This was just what she needed: a quiet moment away from the world. She lifted a delicate hand, searching the edge of the tub for her glass of wine. Her hand touched something soft and she let out a small gasp of surprise. As her lids were about to fly open, she felt something cool slip over her eyes and around the back of her head.

"You're home." She stated the obvious. "I thought you were working late."

"Mhm." Was the murmured reply. She felt the water swirl around her body as a hand entered the water churning it a bit. She heard the faucet running and felt warm water bathe her toes. She slid her feet up a little higher, trying to reach the hand, pushing herself up and off the back of the tub to sit up straight.

"Lie back down." The voice commanded softly. She complied, curious. She heard a squeak from above and a soft curse as something fell into the water, splashing her face. The object was picked up and she heard a soft click sound; the hand held shower was now running. She could feel the bubbles dissipating around her and goosebumps prickled her flesh. The door must still be open, she surmised. She was wondering whether the culprit was truly the chill in the air, or the build up of anticipation she was feeling. She felt a gentle tug on her hair as her pony tail holder was removed. She gave her head a little shake and her hair fell past her shoulders. She felt hot water rain down on her head, the warmth spreading down to caress her cheeks and slip down to kiss her breasts. She smiled and reached over for her shampoo. The bottle was swiftly taken out of her hand.

The gentle rain-like stream was moved down her body and around her back. She wondered at her lover's intentions. Would her lover not help her wash this time? She knew how much they loved to soap her body up, slipping and sliding down with the soap between the folds and creases of her pussy lips, to ease a finger in and give her clit a gentle flick. What was the hold up? She wondered. She heard another click and felt the water's stream intensify. Rivulets of water traveled up and over her breasts, concentrating on her warm nipples, which peaked to attention at the contact. She arched her back so that her breasts were above the water and let out a tiny whimper, wanting to feel the contact of skin, the softness of lips, the swirl of tongue. The water ceased its teasing of her nipples and wandered a path across her stomach.

Click. She felt the water on her feet. She flexed her foot and giggled at the tickly feeling of the water against her soles and dipping in between her toes. The stronger stream traveled up to her thigh, where it momentarily left and then returned to the other thigh, making it's way back down to her toes again and back up edging closer to her wetness. She imagined it was her lovers fingers whispering across her skin, kissing a pathway to her center. She longed to feel the soft skin against hers.

"Open your legs." The voice instructed. She breathed in a shaky breath and slowly let her legs fall open. She heard the drain being released and gradually the water began to slide away from her body. She shivered anew. When the water was gone, she heard still another click and gulped knowing that the cycle from the softest of rain to a steady pounding had been gone through. The last setting was a hard, pulsing stream. She felt her herself grow wet, waiting, wanting, needing. She spread her legs further apart until each of her knees was touching the side of the tub. She moved her hand down to touch herself and was hissed at. She put her hand back where it was, not wanting to ruin what was in store for her. The atmosphere of the room changed from playfulness to one of concentration. She squeezed her eyes tightly, straining closer. She could hear the water just down by her thigh. She yelped when she felt the hard pulsing stream against her core. The water beat against her and sweat began to slide down her body. She started panting and squirming, her sensitive clit seeking the throb of water. Another click and the stream changed to a gentle whisper of water, circling her clit, lovingly caressing, moving back up to give her heavy breasts a moment of attention. Click. The water was now one single stream like a faucet, and the heat of it pressed against her lips, pushing against the barrier, seeking an invitation. She moaned as she felt the stream of water enter her and seek her depths. Her clit and breasts were bereft of attention and she mewled in complaint, biting her lower lip to prevent it from trembling more than it already was.

"Please?" Her voice pleaded.

"Go head." The other voice replied. Once given permission, one hand floated down her abdomen to seek her neglected clit and rub at it; and the other hand cupped and kneaded her flushed breasts. The water continued its exquisite torture on her pussy and she felt muscles clenching, trying to gain purchase on the imaginary shaft. She moaned, thrashing her head against the pillow as she rode the wave of sensations, and screamed as she let go and came, her juices flowing over with such intensity as she'd ever felt. She slid all the way down in the tub as a blast of cold enveloped her body. The water was no longer running. The room was silent. She slipped the piece of satin from her eyes and stared up into the gorgeous blue of her lover's eyes. Her lover was perched on the edge of the tub, her panties pushed down her legs and her fingers furiously working her clit.

"My turn, baby." She winked and climbed into the tub, shedding bra and shirt.



Rolling Muse In The Roses said...

Mmmm yummy! Deliciously wet... purrrfectly written. :) ;-)

Mokkelke said...

this was a nice little tidbit and the twist at the end really is a little unexpected turn ;-) but it works well!

LunaEllaAldora said...

RollingMuse, thanks! I knew you'd enjoy it! :)

LunaEllaAldora said...


I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) It's too short to post on Lit and I'm not sure how I'd categorize it without giving the twist away. ;)