"Luminous Wind"
Goddess art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Monday, April 18, 2011

You promised no magick...

A glimpse of a fae-tale I am working on. Enjoy!

She felt closed in, his presence unnerving her. Stepping away from him, she walked to the window to gaze out at the full moon. He took advantage of the moment of distraction and came up behind her, resting his hand on her waist, moving close to press against her back. His erection straining the confines of his breeches. Stroking the soft skin of her neck with just his fingertips, he touched his lips to the curve of her ear. So different from the peaked tips he had been used to in the past. 

Her body reacted, betraying her measured control as a soft sigh escaped. She concentrated on her breathing, inhaling and exhaling in time to the rapid beat of her heart. 

He spun her around to face him, dipping his head low, capturing her lips in a soul searing kiss. As her body melted against his, he felt the power grow.

"You are clouding my mind.” She whispered, trying for a coherent though. His hand tilted her chin up.

Does it displease you?” A predatory gleam in his eye. His hand moved from her chin to caress her flushed cheek. Feather light touches skimming her breast. She looked down, watchful as his fingers began to unlace the ties of her simple bodice.

My sister.” She stammered, her eyes locked on his fingers as they slowly, painstakingly untied the laces.

Remains asleep. Relax.” He swept her off of her feet, ignoring her yelp of surprise and stalked out of the chamber, carrying her out into the night air. She struggled in his arms, squirming and kicking, opening her mouth to speak her thoughts. He stilled those words with a brush of his lips.

Hush. No words. No thoughts. Simply feel” His fingertips brushed her breast. The action caused her to bite her lower lip to prevent the gasp from escaping her mouth, as she cursed her traitorous nipples which were straining against the fabric. She shook her head to clear it.

I must think about this compromise.” She forced her mouth to move and form words.

There is time enough.” He assured her, as his hand slipped beneath the fabric to palm her left breast. The heave of her breath pushing more of her breast into his hand.
Time works differently here. It needs to be now.” She asserted. He set her gently on the ground and backed her against the tree, stepping away. She blinked up at him. A salacious grin crossed his features as he stalked forward.

I mean it.” She gulped. When he was standing in her space, his hand lazily trailing from the side of her waist upward, she began hitting his chest, uncomfortable with the feelings he was evoking. Chuckling lightly, he encircled her wrists with his other hand and pinned them above her head, staring intently into her eyes. She glared back defiantly.

You promised no magick.” She squeaked as warmth flooded her body as
he pressed his hardness into her, letting her feel his arousal...