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Monday, July 25, 2011

~*Lavender and Love*~ - Third Place Winner!!!

Wow, I can't believe it - I placed - ~*Lavender and Love*~ is the Third Place Winner of Literotica's Nude Day Contest 2011!!!!! Thank you to everyone who supported me, read, voted, and/or commented on my story.

Congratulations to D_Lynn for: "Tribal Unity" and ShyChiWriter for: "A Kiss is a Question", and to all of the talented writers who entered the contest!

This story was in memory of one beautiful spirit, but dedicated to so many and at the risk of repeating myself; this story was in honor of the women out there who are Survivors, going through treatment, gave up a piece of their bodies and lives to Breast Cancer (and to those with the courage to stand up and love them). It is in Memory of those who fought the good fight, but were called Home - like the beautiful Spirit who shared her story with me.

I'm all giddy with excitement. But more so, I'm humbled and touched by the personal stories that readers shared with me and the incredible support of my fellow Literotican writers. I've grown so much during this contest as a writer and as a person.


Lucy V Morgan said...

Congratulations! Great news.

LunaEllaAldora said...

Thanks Lucy!! I get to share in that feeling a little, like you. :)

How've you been?