"Luminous Wind"
Goddess art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Waiting, Snowy Wintry Thoughts, and Spirit Connections

I'm just a busy little networking bee, lately!

I finally joined Twitter: @LunaEroticaMyst - come friend and follow me. :)

Waiting for winners to be announced for the Literotica Halloween Contest.  I'm so pleased with how this story has done and the "series" as a whole.  I've been getting so much feedback urging me to publish the two Jersey Love stories as a novel, maybe to amazon.  It's a thought!


This time of year in particular, Spirits are wandering, passing through, and looking for help. "Alyssa" from ~Jersey Love: Apple Dreams & Release~  is still here, but quietly waiting. I feel she's waiting until Halloween night to cross over. She's happy that her story has been told and the cheeky little thing is even enjoying the comments on my story. Can you imagine how lonely a girl must be with her family completely ignoring her existence, let alone presence? She's finally let up on the sorrowful songs on the radio.  

I still haven't found her loved ones. But she indicates that telling her story is enough for her for now. She's 15 (but likes to think she's 16). She died in a car crash on the way to a Halloween Dance/Party. Her family is so aggrieved that they will not speak of her, nor acknowledge "that I even lived." She's been distressed about it, but has been lightening up ever since I started sharing her story and talking about her and letting her know someone cares.

But now new visitors have arrived and I'm just hoping they will direct their loved ones to me so I can connect for them. It's hard when they are here but there's nothing I can do for them, short of acknowledging them.


It's SNOWING and my mind is now turned towards wintry thoughts and winter story ideas. ;)

I've not only been busy networking for my writing, but also for my Mediumship Consultation. I'm twitterpated on that end too and have also been listed on a couple of Spiritual directories. 

I'd like to share my website link here. It is not my intention to make anyone uncomfortable nor to force my views on anyone. I am just sharing another facet of myself that might help to explain my writing. :) If you think that I could help you or are even curious and have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Ella Quinn - Spirit Connections