"Luminous Wind"
Goddess art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Monday, January 23, 2012

~Snowful Wish~

Image: "Winter Fairy" by: Cocodrillo

~Snowful Wish~
© 2000

The soft glow of the moon
shimmers down with
large white flakes
like diamonds mixed
with white lace
A picture-esque,
winter-wonderland scene
if only I could
hold onto this dream
my mind and imagination
frolick and play
making angels and
snowmen and riding
on a sleigh
while my body holds
me captive and my
pain keeps me inside
my brain is confuzzled
thoughts caught in a fog
I silently cry
A mug of hot cocoa
topped with whipped-cream
the fire blazing
and a book in hand
my gaze wanders to
the crystallized
icicle-laden window
I smile at the children
as they fight in the snow
I yearn to join in their fun
but after all I remember
what happened last time
I dearly paid
for that one day in the
snow that I played
Now content as I can be
I sit with my book on my lap
pen in hand, writing
this Snowful Wish.


This was written during a typical winter for me. I remind myself that just getting outside and making a snow angel with wee pixie this weekend is more than I'd been able to do in years past. I should look at that and not look at the running, jumping, sledding, and playing I did in the snow with my grown siblings when we were snowbound last year during the Holidays. And the inspiration such moments ignite.