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Monday, July 25, 2011

~*Lavender and Love*~ - Third Place Winner!!!

Wow, I can't believe it - I placed - ~*Lavender and Love*~ is the Third Place Winner of Literotica's Nude Day Contest 2011!!!!! Thank you to everyone who supported me, read, voted, and/or commented on my story.

Congratulations to D_Lynn for: "Tribal Unity" and ShyChiWriter for: "A Kiss is a Question", and to all of the talented writers who entered the contest!

This story was in memory of one beautiful spirit, but dedicated to so many and at the risk of repeating myself; this story was in honor of the women out there who are Survivors, going through treatment, gave up a piece of their bodies and lives to Breast Cancer (and to those with the courage to stand up and love them). It is in Memory of those who fought the good fight, but were called Home - like the beautiful Spirit who shared her story with me.

I'm all giddy with excitement. But more so, I'm humbled and touched by the personal stories that readers shared with me and the incredible support of my fellow Literotican writers. I've grown so much during this contest as a writer and as a person.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Last night of the contest! ~Lavender and Love~

Tonight is the last night of Literotica's Nude Day Contest. Winners are announced tomorrow.

If you haven't read my entry ~Lavender and Love~: a story of acceptance, love, and healing for one Breast Cancer survivor...

Please feel free to Read, Vote, and/or Comment on my story. I welcome and appreciate comments and feedback.  Enjoy! 

Thank you! :) 


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coming out of the erotica closet and 'Why Romance?': via Eve McFadden

Why Romance?: On erotic romance author, Eve McFadden's Blog

I was so pleased to read erotic-romance author, Eve McFadden's post "Why Romance?" which addressed a question that must come up over and over again for romance and erotica authors. Many of us feel the need to defend our genres, some could care less what people think, and others' are still unsure of their own reasons. I love how Eve doesn't get on the defensive, but rather turns the question back around asking, "Why not write romance?"

There will always be people, especially in our personal lives that are going to have strong opinions about what we write. The trick is to remember to be true to yourself and to your craft. It takes some time to get over the people who are "looking over your shoulder" and write for yourself, or your readers, or publisher.

Eve McFadden states perfectly how I feel about the genre and I share the same reasons for writing it. So I will not dwell on that aspect. Do check out her blog post. It's so true! While you are there, check out her stories and published works as well. She's a wonderful author!

I'm lucky in that I came out of the "romance" and "erotica" closet fairly early with the key people in my life and more recently with everyone else. My Mom has always been open-minded and is my biggest supporter. I will never forget the moment, orchestrated by my little sister, when my mom learned the truth.

I was probably 18 or 19 years old, fresh out of high school. My family had a desktop that we all shared with each other (imagine!) Our computer kept crashing and we were having other such technology issues. My little sister decided it was my fault and tried to rat me out. She said, "You should ask 'Luna.' I'm sure the X-rated websites she visits are bringing in viruses."

My sister's eyes dared me to defy her as she waited for the shock and admonishment she was sure would follow.

I jumped on top of the picnic table, drew all five-feet of myself up tall, wearing Celtic-warrior-goddess power like a badge of honor, and defended with; "I go to those sites because I write erotica. Besides, I'm of legal age." I smiled sweetly, slid off the picnic table, turned to my sister, and gave her the same defiant glare back.

My dad turned on his heel and pronounced, "The dog and I have virgin ears," and walked quickly back into the house. Which didn't surprise me one bit.

But my Mom said, "Oh really? When do I get to read some?" She proceeded to tell all of her friends about her daughter's naughty stories. I started getting e-mails from her friends asking to read them. That did surprise me. It surprised my sister even more!

I love telling that story. My Mom still shares with her friends and is proud of me. Her biggest question for me most recently, after reading ~Heart's Tempest~, was more of a mind boggled: "How can you go from writing children's books to writing "smut" for adults, just like that?"

I corrected her on the "smut" comment and replied that when I was around children 24/7 (not my own), I was full of innocent inspiration. ;)

Switching gears has not been difficult. I reminded her of when my best friend and I were 11 and 12 years old and sneaking her Harlequins from her room. We would huddle with a flashlight under the covers at sleep-overs and skim to the juicy parts, giggling like the silly tweens we were.

I also reminded her of my sheltered youth and the amount of romance and fantasy novels that I devoured, which sustained me. Books and the worlds within them kept me connected to the outside world when I was a sick and home-bound teenager.

I "corrupted" a few college friends who were uncertain about the genre. We would go into the bookstore, browse the erotica and romance sections, and find scenes, just to get used to them. One friend was even more sheltered than I was and a bit uncomfortable with all things romantical and sexual. Erotic, was a forbidden word. I helped her get over that and to embrace her feminine power. Now she writes her own naughty stories!

I've been told by several people, mostly those in my waking-life, (once they've gotten over the *ooh* *gasp* *shock* that bashful and sweet and sometimes sassy and sultry me: writes erotica) that I've found my niche within this genre. I write other genres, but ever since my separation and eventual divorce; my passionate, playful and naughty muses have returned to me. I'm loving it!

A couple of weeks ago I was telling my grandmother about ~Lavender and Love~. She shared with me about when both my great-grandmother and her best friend were going through breast cancer treatment. She told me she wanted to read my story and to please print it out for her. My mom and I exchanged looks and she came to the rescue with, "I'm not so sure you want to read it."

"Why not?" My Grandmother questioned.

"Well it's a bit risque." My Mom responded.

"It's a romance, right?" My Grandmother prompted.

"Well, yes. But it's more than romance." My Mom tried explaining.

"It's of an erotic-romance nature. I use more explicit language in it than you are used to. It's a bit more in-your-face than the romance authors you read." I cut into the conversation, trying not to blush.

"I see..." My Grandmother stated.

"But I'm flattered you want to read it. I just don't want to upset you. I could revise it and make it softer." My Mom and I both laughed. "It does have the potential to be perfectly readable to everyone if I make a few linguistic changes."

I admit it, that time I was a little bit concerned about the person looking over my shoulder, watching me write - she's my Grandmother!

The more I think about it, with this particular story especially, I think I might make that revision so that the story can be more widely shared. Two versions of the same story. In the words of Eve McFadden, I say, Why not? :)

Please feel free to share! Who have you shared with in your personal life what you write and read? What have their reactions been? Why have you felt the need to keep it from some people and not others? Do you worry about the people reading over your shoulder?


~*Lavender and Love*~ 4 more days...

I hope everyone is well! Just a reminder; there are four more days to Read, Vote, and/or Comment on my Nude Day erotic romance story ~*Lavender and Love*~ before contest ends.

This is the story of one Breast cancer survivor's healing journey. Can she Accept her body, be receptive to Healing, and open her heart to Love again?

I'm so appreciative of the support, feedback, and stories being shared because of this story. It's one of my few "normal" reality based stories and was actually a bit of a challenge for me to write because of that. But the reception I have received has put me in mind to do another non-fantasy, non-paranormal, non-non-human story.

That brings me to my Summer Lovin' story:

Stolen kisses under the boardwalk; sweaty bodies in the sand; sticky, salty spray on the face as the boat cut through the wake of other boats; and hot summer-boys who lived two houses down. Ah, memories of growing up on the shore. Yes, THAT shore. I was the perfect anti-shore girl. ;)

I'm already 10 pages into it.

Thanks and Enjoy! :)


Monday, July 11, 2011

Followers help?

I used to be able to access other writers' blogs from the "Follower" link, but now it only shows what blogs they are following. Is there a way to access your blogs? I know for certain that six of my followers have blogs that I used to be able to access. Anyone have any idea for me? Thanks! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Souls and Lips

"Soul meets soul on lovers' lips."  ~Percy Bysshe Shelley


His fingers entwined with her coppery locks as he gently tilted her head back to gaze into the stormy depths of her eyes. Her heartbeat kicked up a notch and she swallowed a small lump in the back of her throat. She anticipated what was coming, but wasn't sure she was prepared. It had been over a year since she'd had any physical contact with a man.

Butterflies had fluttered in her tummy at the first gentle press of lips a few weeks ago. Those other two kisses had been quick and tentative. But something in her told her this would be on a totally different level. He lowered his head to her forehead and held there a moment before brushing her lips with his. Her eyelids flew open at the tingling sensation as she kissed back, her arms automatically winding up around his neck.

Try as she may, she could no longer keep romantic notions and images at bay and indulged herself, much as she indulged herself in the kiss. She was right, she was not at all prepared! His body heat wrapped her body as the kiss wrapped her soul. She stood on tiptoes for better access. One hand remained cradling her head, while the other had dropped down to the small of her back, pulling her in and bringing her closer. The touch of his hand on her skin sent little tingles throughout her body. She caressed his cheek and sipped kisses from him, parting her lips slightly.

He responded with a murmur of approval and tilted her head further, deepening the kiss. She swam in the sensations. She felt a lightening in her chest, as her heart chakra opened up a fraction more, allowing positive emotions and thoughts in. They paused mid-kiss to come up for a breath of air, not letting go of each other.

He lowered his head to her neck and breathed deeply, dropping a small kiss there. She brought his lips back to hers and nuzzled his nose in an eskimo kiss. He remarked that her nose was cold and pink and she snuggled closer to his teddybear warmth, saying she was already starting to warm up. His fingers brushed against the side of her breast, a feather light touch as she resumed the kiss.

The intensity was never forced and there was nothing hurried, nor frantic; no tonsil hockey here. With most men, you gave them an inch; softening your lips, and they'd take a mile; rushing in clumsily. Or the other scenario, you'd initiate the kiss and in their enthusiasm they'd end up ruining the moment. Not so with him.

She half expected him to sweep her up off her feet and carry her away. But it was two in the morning and he had a long drive ahead of him. He did tell her that she could kick him out at any time. Right, like she really wanted to do that.

They broke off and left the screened-in room, peeking up at the sky, which had cleared of rain. Stars could be seen and while she was gazing up at them, he drew her in and snuck another kiss much to her delight. She giggled and kissed back and reluctantly pushed him away, reminding him of the hour and drive ahead. He responded with something clever about the illusion of time - which earned him another kiss. She shook her head with a smile on her face. They said goodnight.

She licked her lips. They still tingled as she went back in the house, her face flushed and body humming: Reveling in the knowledge she had never been kissed quite like that before.

And that was how a real man kissed a woman.


"There's just something about kissing with your whole body. It becomes more than a kiss. It becomes a dance. It becomes a song. It becomes a moment. It transcends and elevates your vibration. A kiss can touch the soul and awaken you. A kiss can heal." ~LunaEllaAldora

His kisses heal me.


I just wanted to take a moment to Welcome those I have not welcomed to my blog. Thank for you reading, following, and participating.  Enjoy my blog and my stories and please share your own!  I appreciate all of the feedback on my Nude Day entry ~Lavender and Love~.

I'm sorry I've been negligent on updating the blog.  Summer is a busy time!  I just got back from a week-long visit with family and my newborn nephew.  He's two weeks old and oh-so-adorable!