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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Earth Day update and sampling...

 Welcome NEWCOMERS and Thanks for Joining. I'm delighted to have you! Please don't be shy about commenting. I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, ponderings, and feedback.  :)

Earth Day story is up to 7500 words. The story isn't going in the direction I had originally planned it to go, but happy with it thus far. I might just get this story finished and sent for editing in time for contest opening day. I've only touched on the steamy parts.  I have to get my sexy in gear! And once more, Spirit weaves itself into the story a bit.

Enjoy this small sampling! :)

William watched. The girl's eyes were closed; she was stringing strange words together; her expression stoic and shuttered. Who was she? Had he fallen and bumped his head, even now suffering a concussion? Was he in a fevered hallucination? All he knew was the touch of her hand on his chest burned through the fabric of his shirt and lit something inside of him. An ache filled him., an unexplainable longing for something which he knew in his heart was unattainable. The pain had stopped and he was able to focus more fully on her. He lifted his hand to her face. A few wisps of her hair lay against her sweaty brow. He tucked them behind her ear half expecting to be caught and held by them again. Need whispered across his consciousness.

Mistie felt when the object left his body and all traces of disease with it. She also felt overwhelmed by his thoughts and emotions. She was hot and itchy and uncomfortable and needful. She knew these feelings were inside of him and didn't understand it. She heaved a deep sigh, moaned, and collapsed. It had been too much for her. She was used to healing trees and plants and animals. Once she had helped a small boy who had fallen and scraped his knee on a rock, not a grown human man. She closed her eyes and gave in to the weakness.

William looked down at the girl in his arms. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks pale, her breathing slow. Now what? He wondered. He held her and cursed his body when her soft feminine curves pressed against his hardening cock. At least she couldn't feel what she doing to him. That would have been embarrassing.

Hey, Mistie.” He said softly, doing what he'd been aching to do since first spotting her. He slowly ran his fingers through her hair, lowering his head to her ear. It was oddly pointed. He touched the tip with his finger, curious. “Mistie, wake up hon.” She stirred and shifted in his arms, the warmth of her awakening sensations in his body. He had to get her off of his lap, now, before he did something stupid. “Propriety be damned.” He said out loud as he brushed his lips across hers. Her lips softened and moved beneath his and still her eyes remained closed, her breathing even. He hoped she was just sleeping. Just a kiss. He told himself. He coaxed her dry lips apart with his tongue. She responded by opening them further.


Look forward to reading more once Literotica's Earth Day Contest opens!



Lucy V Morgan said...

Oh, I like this! It's hot and interesting and evocative. I want to be woken up on a hot guy's lap...

"Propriety be damned," pulled me out a bit as it seemed a bit of a formal thing to say. Though I'm English and we'd just say, "sod this!" :P

LunaEllaAldora said...

Thanks LV! It's getting there. Yeah, I am reconsidering that line. I wanted to get across some of the values he was taught, but it does seem out of place. Maybe just, "Aw hell?" or "Screw it!" or "Live in the moment, William." He recalled the sage advice of his grandfather. (That would still get across some of it.) :)