"Luminous Wind"
Goddess art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~*Enlightened By Darkness*~ Editorial Pitch revised

Thanks for the feedback and help! Here's the latest revision:

Paralyzed from the waist down, school teacher Gwyn uses a wheelchair to aid in her mobility. Lost in the darkness of a defeatist attitude, Gwyn believes her limitations hold her back from enjoying a full life. But one night, she is accosted by a dark and mysterious stranger. Intent on keeping her safe from harm, he spirits her away (chair and all) and promises her Sanctuary.

Ciernan, a vampyre who loathes humans and their weaknesses is bound to an accursed brother. The brothers' fates are inexplicably woven together by the same tragedy: a tragedy that is about to come full circle as Gwyn enters both of their lives; forcing Ciernan to face the demons of his past and reevaluate his existence. But the vampyress who created him has been lurking in the shadows, waiting for someone to fall victim to his charms. Will Gwyn be able to trust Ciernan enough to give herself over to him completely? Does Ciernan's frozen heart even have the capability to love? Together, they must fight the dark forces (within and without) which seek to tear them apart.