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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #3 - Be-Long

Woohoo! It's my third Flash Fiction Friday with the Flashers writing group. Enjoy! ;)

Flash Fiction Friday - Writing challenge based on a picture prompt. One picture to inspire one hundred words (no more, no less).


“You don't belong here.” Fingertips touched mine, lips brushing my hand. Breath rattled in my chest and my heart squeezed painfully. Warmth enveloped coldness.

Every muscle burned in remembrance, anguished. “I belong with you.”

“Not like this.” He released, but I held on.

“I can feel you.” Climbing up, I scrambled to reclaim him.

“This can't go on.” He shook his head, coming closer. “Let me go.”

“How?” My foot hesitated.

“Get off the ledge. Live,” he ordered.

“I'm still with you." He reached up “Here,” touched my heart, pushed.


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Sara York said...

Very moving. Loved it!!

Bonni S. said...

How very sad. I wanted them together. Not for one to push the other away. I like happy endings.

Erika Badass said...

This very interesting Luna. I'm wondering what is going on. There are many ideas. Is his lover 'really' on a ledge and was literally pushed off...or was it metaphorical. :ponders:


Anonymous said...

Awww, he pushed him away. It's like a sad love story. No matter how much he pushes, his lover will always love him. *sob*

Lee Brazil said...

oh wow! I'm seeing this as the spirit of his deceased lover, encouraging him to live!

Great post!

Davee said...

Deep and thoughtful. nice FFF, Luna, love is so tough sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I hope they make it through. Touching. Patti Logan

Jade said...

oh so sad, so touching!! thay have to work it out... I want happy endings..I know, not every story have a happy ending *sighs*

Cassandre Dayne said...

Very sassy and sweet

Lindsey said...

So sweet. Loved it!

Lisa Worrall said...

Awww - so sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very moving. Loved your FFF!

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

Moving and touching, those are the two words that sprung into my head when I read this post. Very good Ms Luna - I like your style.

Havan said...

Oh I would love to read more of these two! :D

LunaEllaAldora said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and thoughts! I did take this in an otherworldly direction, for anyone who was wondering. I could share a bit more about the scenario, if you'd like.

Now, I'm off to finish commenting on all of yours. Again, I'm amazed at how many boundless interpretations there are for one picture! :)


gemma parkes said...

Loved this post, tender and emotional!