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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cardinals and Healing and Paths

Category: Otherwordly Offerings and Paranormal Presences:

Every time I see a Cardinal: I think about my grandmother.

Cardinal/Redbird's Wisdom Includes:
  • Courtship
  • Fatherhood
  • Understanding the power of the wind
  • Finding your soul song 
    Animal Spirits (Wonderful resource on animal spirit wisdom, totems, and shamanism in general.)

Today marks 1 year since my grandmother left this earth plane.  She was 92 years old and had her wits to the end.

She was a self-taught watercolor artist. She used to say "Just call me, Grandma Moses." she didn't take up painting until her later years.  The most magical part about her art? She did it all with good 'ole Crayola Watercolors. Yes, that little mustard yellow tray we all remember from childhood.  Her passion was flowers. But, she made me a cat one year for my birthday. She wasn't too happy with the way it turned out. But I love "Charlie" and his inquisitive little stare.

I have a painting of a white birch tree hanging in my room, with a little cottage nestled away in the distance, and sprawling daisies nodding their cheery heads in the gentle breeze. I need a new mat so that I can hang her second tree drawing. I believe this one was to be oak.  It is sitting beside a wooden fence, the path inviting one to wander and get lost awhile.  The flowers along the edge, welcoming. She knew I loved trees. I wish she had had the chance to paint more.  Her paintings were sold in quaint little seaside galleries and she even won a few awards with them.

She loved birds. I know I get my love for birds from her.  Her favorite were cardinals and blue jays.  Every time I see a cardinal at my feeders, I know Gram is saying Hi to me.

It's like when my grandfather (her husband) died.  He had a penchant for sneaking sweets. The sweet tooth runs in the family.  After his death, my grandmother would find crumpled up Hershey kisses wrappers scattered throughout the house, that had no business being there.  She swore it was the squirrels. *chuckles* I tried to tell her it was Grandpa leaving little love messages for her.  She didn't buy it in the beginning. But, I think she came around to the idea.  A couple of weeks ago, I found a crumpled up candy wrapper sitting on my desk at various points during the day.  There was no candy of that kind in the house at the time.  I smiled and thanked him.

Be open to the little signs, the little messages, they are all around us. If you open your eyes, your heart, and your ears to receiving and believing.


I have been sending a great deal of distance healing out lately.  I can't stand anyone being in pain or anguish. I've been sending massive doses of distance Reiki healing out, even to animals. People with health problems, people grieving, people in pain, people in need, people hurting, people raging, people in desperation, people dying. It helps them to be calm, to focus, to feel connected, to sleep, to dream, to remember, to let go. But, I just don't know what more I can do.

The past few nights have been rough. The energy has been intense, pain and anguish palpable, and at times overwhelming. Quite a crowd of confused spirits gathered. Often times after a tragic event, it takes a few days for them to process and to start seeking answers and help.  But, this happened the very night of the earthquake. I start crying from the ripple of emotions, take a couple refreshing breaths and forge forward. Sometimes an explanation is all a lost one needs. Sometimes a validation.  If they are new to the experience, they need guidance and gentle coaxing.  I try to provide that. I hope I helped. I hope some of those lost in confusion gained some clarity and were able to accept and find peace.  Sudden destruction and loss of life, especially during natural disasters is devastating.  I can't imagine what that is like and yet I feel it. 

(( I was going to post about one particular encounter with a gentleman who made his presence very strongly known. But, I think I will wait awhile. I did want to start a Blog specifically for my spiritual experiences, but do not have time for it. I hope people do not take offense to me putting it on here, for now.  If you would like to know more, please ask me. ))


Sometimes - I wish I could turn it off, feeling too much.  Sometimes - it would be nice to be completely alone with my thoughts. But, that is not to be. This is my path. Sometimes - it would be nice to be understood. My experiences can be hard for a lot of people to grasp. In this area it is hard to find others of like-mind/like-spirit: unlike where I used to live.

This is me. This is my life. I have accepted and embraced my nature, my path.  It can be a lonely one. If someone wants to be in my life they need to understand...this is me. I hide nothing. I make no apologies for what I am.  I never asked for it. Never sought it.  And yet, here it is. This isn't a passing phase or interest.  This is my soul's calling.

I wish only to bring comfort, understanding, healing. This is my path as a Lightworker. This is my soul song.


Anonymous said...

Luna, I grew up in a household that accepted energy work, and later came to use Reiki in my day job. Something that helps me is a prayer I say before a session (whether it be in person or distance healing.) It's a reminder to me that I don't need to experience another person's pain in order to give them assistance. The love and support of the universe will flow through me either way. It goes something like this:

I call in both my guides, and the guides of the person I'm working with. I then state that my personal energy stays my energy, and that their energy stays theirs. I then state that the only things that flows between us are the Reiki and the information needed to make this a perfect session for the both of us.

This way I am still a channel for universal healing without depleting the resources I need to support myself.

I hope that helps!

LunaEllaAldora said...

Hi Carolyn,

Thank you for commenting and yes it does help. It helps growing up in an open-minded household, doesn't it? I know just what you are saying and I do say a prayer very similar! When I am sending Reiki I might feel the pain, but it is only in passing to know where the energy needs to go. I never feel depleted while working with Reiki energy. I am more energized myself, because of it.

It is when I am just going about my day to day life and pass by a person, or a friend is experiencing pain or emotion (even those miles away) that I will feel it. This happens even when shielded and grounded.

Quite often if there is a spirit need, I will feel it. I have shielded, grounded, safe guarded. Normally, I take it in stride, but when there's an abundance or gathering as there has been the past couple of days, it can be taxing. When I begin to feel that, I do start the flow of Reiki energy and call on my guides and angels to step in. They do. But sometimes my guides indicate that this needs to happen here and now. (Like in the instance of these very confused souls).

I'm going to e-mail you to expand upon this.

I appreciate you sharing so openly with me. It is wonderful to have found another kindred along the path. I had a feeling you were. :)

Peace, Love, Light