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Friday, February 18, 2011

What Have You Done - Angels - Frozen - Stand My Ground: WT

WARNING: The following music videos contain SENSITIVE Content concerning domestic violence and abuse.  Watch with caution. I do NOT condone any of these acts.  It shows the perspectives of the victims.
I thought this song/video appropriate after the last several posts.  Intense video. But the key thing is - she gets away from him and becomes free and safe. I think a lot of people (especially women), sadly can relate!

("What Have You Done Now? (feat. Keith Caputo) By: Within Temptation)

The deceiver, the stalker, the vampire, the trickster. Karma, baby!

("Angels" By: Within Temptation)

SUPER SENSITIVE: Sexual Abuse/Domestic Violence/Revenge

("Frozen" By: Within Temptation)

STAND YOUR GROUND. Don't let yourself fall victim. Stay strong. Love yourself enough to say NO!

 ("Stand My Ground" By: Within Temptation)
Yes, I'm on a Within Temptation, Rampage.  Makes you wonder if Sharon den Adel (lead singer) is writing/singing from experience. Doesn't it? Her lyrics show such a heart-wrenching grasp on the reality of some people's lives.