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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LITerotica, Unfinished Business, Reaching Out

Long, exhausting night/day. But as I lay here in bed, I am feeling inspired.  I'm working on my Earth Day entry for the Literotica 'Earth Day Contest'.  It promises to be earthy, organic, and orgasmic: For the love of trees (a favorite subject of mine)! *coy smile*

So far, my romantica and erotica has only been published on LIT. I'm working on changing that. I continually find myself amazed and delighted to have found such connections on an adult site.  Although I have been on the site for years, I had not introduced myself to the community until this past summer. In the past; I simply posted stories. Since that time, I have gained a professional editor, made writerly connections, and have become friends with people. I have been writing there since '03, but hadn't posted anything new since '05. 

I realized why that was.  I realized that while I was married, my ex-husband's negativity and chaos sucked the creativity right out of me. My muses went into hiding or on vacation and they didn't even invite me! Have any of you had that happen before? A certain person in your life had a negative or dampening effect on your writing?

I saw the 'Summer Lovin' Contest' on Literotica and thought back on my summer memories of growing up on the shore.  I thought about reconnections.  I thought about what-if's. I wrote ~Summer Spirit~. I submitted it and then held my breath and waited. I was one vote shy of qualifying for the contest. The system in place to keep votes fair, "Sweeps", swept me last minute and I lost that one deciding vote. But, I've gained helpful feedback, readers, and friends along the way! I have now entered 4 contests. Each contest finds me with more votes, higher ratings, more comments, and more readers and fans. I always respond to comments and e-mails. I think it's important for writers to form a connection with their fans. People appreciate it and feel a part of the process. Blogging certainly gives us the opportunity to reach out to them and give back. Don't you agree?

I'm a big culprit of unfinished business when it comes to my writing. Do any of you have this problem too? I'm not sure if I lose interest in my characters, lose steam, or find another story itching to break free. I follow where the muses lead me. I chase after plot bunnies, entice them with chocolate dipped carrots, lure them into my arms with whispered promises, caress their silky soft fur and ask them to behave. Is it wrong to always follow my muses? It might be. Many writers have told me that experience will eventually teach me to realize that I need to have a plan in place and muses be damned - for as we know - they can be such fickle creatures. I know this. Inspiration can be fleeting, elusive, ephemeral. But, isn't the evanescence of inspiration part of the beauty of it? The unexpected serendipity? When it comes time to plan, put the plan in action, and abide by it. I'll be ready.  For now, experience is teaching me to follow my muses, open my heart chakra and listen to the whispers within my soul.

Do you, dear Bloggers and Blogophiles plan your stories, from start to finish? Do you ever start in the middle and spread yourself outwards? Or start from the end and work your way back to the beginning? I did that very thing with my 'Halloween Contest' Entry ~Pumpkin Pie Passion~. I started the story and then I wrote the ending. I went back and filled in all the creamy, dreamy, pumpkin filling...last.

The contests have forced me to finish what I've started. Sure, I have six writing projects going at one time, most of the time. But, my contest entries I am proud to say do see an ending! I love challenges and contests. It's not about the ratings so much, nor the prize. It's about the comments, the feedback I receive, the support, my growth as a writer, and my burgeoning readership base.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these topics, your experiences, ventings, gripes, musings, sage advice. Don't be shy. *gentle, welcoming smile*

PS: How's the formatting? Do I need to make my Blog kinder on the eyes? I think I need to widen this text table. I haven't blogged in ages, and even longer since I have coded. *laughs* I feel like a newbie again. I'm a quick-study though. ;)

How do I change the width of this post text block?

Enjoy! Sweet and Steamy dreaming!



LV said...

I plan most of what I write, though I iron out finer details as I go. I always want to know where I'm meant to finish when I start.

I've got a lot of unfinished projects, but the ones which are meant to, I finish. I cannibalise the others into different works. I say, if you're not enjoying writing something, why press on? Finding a particular scene hard is one thing; finding a whole project a chore is another. The stories that matter get finished, in the end.

LunaEllaAldora said...

*waves* Thanks for the comment LV! I think that's the reason I can't delete or throw anything out that I write: One single sentence, even a phrase could spark something more, even among the stories that I'm just not "feeling" anymore.

I am sure once it is time to get serious about the business of writing, not just the joy of it, I will discipline myself. For now, I'm just having fun. :) Writing is a great release and a relief to me.


Mokkelke said...

welcome to the bloggers ;)

LunaEllaAldora said...

*waves* Hey Mokkelke! So nice of you to join. Thanks for the welcome! How are you? How's the writing going? :)


Mokkelke said...

doing fine. the muse went on a holiday, i heard she was sighted in Hawaï this time (she went to the Bahama's last time, together with jazcullen's, go figure!!).
but she has returned so writing is almost back on track. you can check on my blog if you want ;-) or join us on twitter :-) same username as everywhere else.

LunaEllaAldora said...

Mokkelke, my muse did too! Perhaps they were all comparing notes and swapping stories. *laughs* It's back now. Yay! So glad to hear yours is getting back on track too. I joined your Blog. I don't have twitter (yet) but do have FB. :)



Mokkelke said...

there are a few of us on twitter + a another few of our readers. we have a blast there. if we're stuck there is one person that's handing out smut faeries, and damn they're hot *wide content grin* the last one i got was only wearing a loin cloth ....

AS for the FB, please don't take it wrongly, but i won't join it, not because i don't want to, but apart from my husband no one from my friends/family know i do write a little, i keep it separate. but blog, tweet, e-mail and whatever else there is out there is fine for me to work with ;-)

LunaEllaAldora said...

Nice! Oh, I understand. I created a new FB page specifically for this name. A lot of writers and readers have them and it's another good way to network. I have minors on my regular FB page.

Many more off-line people know what I write now. It's much easier for me to not have to feel like I have to keep this part of my life hidden from them. I've gotten great responses, besides. ;)


Mokkelke said...

some of my closer friends know too and they like it. but my family? lol they would all have a heart attack if they read only one chapter *shakes head*

i'll hopefully put up a new chapter to a new world, have to get the edit done, but didn't find the time to actually send it off yet. so stay tuned for that =)