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Saturday, February 26, 2011

RollingMuseInTheRoses Blog. She needs some input...

Hop, or in her case, wheel on over to RollingMuseInTheRoses: blog.  She has posted a section of her current story and is looking for a sounding board with some input for her.  She wants to know if she should head in the paranormal direction with her story or keep things normal.  It's between vampire and wolf-shifter.  I've given her my opinion already.  While I am passionate about the paranormal genre and this surely has potential for it, I also know there is not enough quality disabled romance/erotica out there to begin with (especially respectful ones with a strong heroine). I felt so strongly about writing ~Enlightened By Darkness~, a vampire romance (and my first journey into that subject) for her.  But, if anyone is going to get at heart of the matter and show the struggles and triumphs of an every day life living with the adversity of relying on a wheelchair, she would be the one to do it. It might be nice to see a normal story that other disabled/wheelchair users can identify with.  But, I told her she's the writer. She needs to follow her muses and go with what feels right. 

Anyone read her story section and have an opinion for her? Go on over and join and share! :)




Rolling Muse In The Roses said...

Currently working on more of the story. I've hit some really good ideas. Why is it when I see a movie like "Red Riding Hood" ideas spark? Go figure. lol. Hey least its helping. I'll take what my muse offers. Just taking my time on this one part. I really want the detail there and for it to stand out, to wow the reader. I'm hoping its working so we'll see.