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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~*Wynter of Contentment*~

How about checking out last year's Winter Holiday story ~*Wynter of Contentment*~ while you wait for me to finish and post this year's entry?

"Wynter's touch blesses them with the ultimate holiday gift." My sweet and sexy little twist on the traditional 'Frosty the Snow Man' tale.

Here's a wee sampling to intrigue and whet your appetite. Enjoy! :)

"Don't step back." Warm breath bathed her face as he pulled away. Gone was the carrot nose, in its place resided an aquiline nose, the kind that Brynn always read about in romance novels. When she had looked up the meaning of it and learned it meant "hooked," as in a beak, she wasn't sure how attractive it would be. But, on this snowy man who held her and was moving in for another kiss, the small bump on the bridge of his nose and the slight bend looked damn sexy. She moved her arms up to encircle his neck. He wore an endearingly lop-sided smile.

"I'm dreaming. I fell asleep with the book in my lap and I imagined the main character into my dream," she reasoned with herself. A soft, male chuckle followed her words. "Or, maybe I hit my head. Yes, that's it. When I was standing on the bucket, it did fall, and I fell and smashed my head on something." The green eyes sparkled and the lips moved to kiss the corner of her mouth. "A-a concussion." She stammered.

"Does it really matter what or how it happened?" The tenor voice asked her.

"No," she replied, weakly. "Dreamy snow man," she whispered, "don't stop kissing." He responded by kissing her with renewed fervor. She responded by moaning and parting her lips. His cold tongue slowly entered her mouth and touched hers. She swirled her tongue with his, slipping it back out again to run it along his upper lip.

"You taste like chocolate," she murmured, licking his other lip and sucking it into her mouth.

"The M&M's were a tasty touch, if I do say so myself. I'm glad you listened to my mind-speak," he replied, tilting and angling her head so he could deepen the kiss.

With the exception of his arms, his body was still very snow-man-ish. But slowly, as the kisses heated up, the snow began to melt. The snow man lowered Brynn's feet to the ground. She looked down, seeing herself standing in a puddle and looked back up into his eyes. She watched as the snow slid off of his body. She half expected him to melt away, leaving only a puddle in his wake. As she watched in wonder, the snow melted and revealed a body beneath. A naked body. A little thrill ran through her and she shivered at the sight before her.

Her first thought was, he must be cold; her second was; it's my mission to warm the naked snow man up; her third thought was, she wanted him. Her body tingled where she hadn't felt tingles in a long time, save from the good vibrations she occasionally gave herself with her toys (when her son was out of the house).

"Are you real?" she asked in wonder as she and unwound her arms from around his neck, tugged her gloves off to trail her fingers down his shoulders and slip them across his chest. Moving downward, she explored the planes of his torso and looked down at his semi-flaccid cock, licking her lips.

"Um," she whispered. "Are you cold?" Her fingers glided down to stroke the cold length of his growing erection...


Come discover more about Brynn and the dreamy snow man of her Literotica:

~*Wynter of Contentment*~
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Contest entry back on track...excerpt

After a few weeks of tending my sick child, I am back in the flow.  The holiday story I was writing just wasn't working out.  The story I originally had in mind for the Holiday contest was designated to Valentine's Day instead. But suddenly that story and the characters in it have found their Christmas Spirit and I've switched it up. A Holiday tale of Love surviving death. Christmas Spirit with a paranormal touch of Comfort. 

I'm up to 5K words, have a solid plot, cooperative characters, and real life, as well as Spirit inspiration influencing it.  This will be my second story featuring a disabled main character (using a wheelchair) and I can't wait for you to all meet her and the rest of them.  I have some amazing people in my life who have lent their life experience and inspiration to the story, but it really is all about the lovely, impish Spirit who is guiding it along.

Oh, and horses will figure in heavily, one special horse in particular named Windust

Enjoy this little excerpt from the story. :)


Rachel looked around at the modest pile of wrapped presents beneath the Douglas Fir, noting the lovely contrast between colors and characters. Glancing around, her blue eyes landed on several piles of yet-to-be-wrapped gifts. She sighed. She was in charge of wrapping all of the gifts for the Toy Drive this year. She had been given the choice of crafts, cookies, or gift wrapping. She chose, in her opinion, the lesser of three evils. She had no patience for crafts. Her sister-in-law's kitchen was not wheelchair adapted the way her own home was. So she had begrudgingly accepted the wrapping task, wondering just how much work could it be to wrap a few gifts for kids?

She yawned, stretched, and lightly banged her head on the table. “Just a little break,” she told herself as she closed her eyes.

“Rachel,” a voice called softly in the distance. “Rachel.” She lifted her head and looked around.

“Who said that?” She reached for another package lying on the low card-table, knocking over her mug of tepid cocoa in the process. The cocoa spilled, running all over the roll of festive wrapping paper and ruining the cardboard box containing a babydoll. With a groan of annoyance, she grabbed up the box, ripped the sopping cardboard open and glared at all of the plastic twists and security ties holding the doll in.

“You've got to be kidding me!” she growled. After unsuccessfully trying to untwist the ties, she picked up the the fancy pair of pinking shears and attacked the box with them, cutting her thumb on the cardboard in the process. Disgusted, she pushed away from the table, grabbed a paper towel and wheeled over to the coat rack. Flinging her woolen shawl over her shoulders and slipping on her leather gloves, she pushed fast and hard, escaping out into the cold night air.

The hair on the back of her neck stood up as she made her way down to the barn. She felt like she was being watched and the sooner she got herself inside, the better. A howl broke the stillness of the night startling her. Despite the fact that she knew it was just the old husky that lived down the lane, she still picked up her speed. Sarah wasn't due back for another couples of hours. She would hide out in the barn, check on the horses, and spend some alone time with her horse Windust. Her heavy heart lifted remembering how Windust had come into her life and the man who came with him.

“I miss you.” She said, opening the stable door and rushing inside. She slammed the door shut and breathed a sigh of relief, chuckling to herself at her silly imagination. Of course no one answered her and no one was watching her. She unlatched the stable door. Wind nearly knocked her out of her chair, greeting her, and nudging her body. She pushed on the brakes to ensure she wouldn't move and then wrapped her arms around his gray neck, breathing in his horse scent and loving him.

“I can always count on you, friend.” She stroked his neck and kissed his muzzle, closing her eyes and allowing the memories to overtake her of that very first day...


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Personal Power - Take It Back and Keep It!

I'm not sure if anyone read my deleted post "Pillow Talk 1" or not. I'm going through some things that are causing my energy and mood to be affected. The post was pretty negative and I wanted a chance to explain things further.

I want to talk about Personal Power and how important it is to not give it away to anyone; to not allow them to turn you into a victim, live in fear, lose your self confidence, self worth, or self esteem. No one should have that kind of power over another person (without permission) and yet it happens all the time.  Most of us have been screwed over at one time or another in our lives by people that claimed they cared about us or loved us, or by perfect strangers. We even let our own fears and insecurities hold us back.

A healthy person doesn't set out to become or play the part of the Victim.  When it happens; when you've been deceived, betrayed, cheated, lied to, duped, harassed, abused, violated, taken advantage's difficult to see past the wrong that has been done to you to realize that you still have power. Often people who are users and abusers seek out the vulnerable, prey upon those who appear weaker than they are, easy targets.  It's difficult when you become a victim to climb out of those depths and reclaim your Personal Power

Some ways to recognize when you are giving your Personal Power away:

* When you allow a person or the mere thought of that person to affect your state of mind or mood.
* When you give in to negative emotional responses or thoughts in regards to thinking about them.
* When you seek their approval above your own.
* When you allow them to judge you.

* When you let them drain your energy.
* When you let your fears holds you back or dictate how you live.

I'd allowed people to take little bits of my power for too long. I've always been an easy target, smaller, physically weaker, and more timid; whether I was giving that power to bullies who hurt me and tried to wear me down; boys who used their gender and strength to overpower; doctors who didn't listen to me about knowing my own body better than anyone else; teachers or employers who discriminated; control freaks who saw grief as vulnerability; energy drainers who leeched like vampires; or manipulators who tried to keep me in the dark and thus bend me to their own ends.  

I'd build up walls and fortify my heart each time, but someone would come along and try to tear down my defenses again and again. 

I've never cared what people thought of me and I suppose that was my biggest strength. As much of a romantic as I am, I've never defined myself or my self-worth by being in a relationship or having a man (or woman for that matter) in my life. I became so used to people coming and going and rarely staying for too long, that it was just a given that I learned to bitterly accept; they'd come for a specific purpose, and once that purpose was served, they'd quietly slip away. 

This has been the story of my life with the exception of family, a few close friends and the love who found me, patiently persisted, gently persuaded, and continues to prove me wrong.

I decided the moment I learned that my marriage was a lie, he was an unhinged stranger, and our love was false; that I'd never give anyone that much power over me again. I started by kicking him out, never once looked back as I composed myself and walked into my newborn baby's room. I picked her up, cradled her to me, and promised her that I would do everything in my power to protect her from his negativity and chaos.  I've done a damn good job of it, thus far.

Next, I took the first steps toward standing up to the employers who discriminated against me during my pregnancy and unfairly laid me off.  I saw that through and made my voice heard.

These things both went a way towards restoring my Personal Power to me and removing me from Victim status. And while the mere mention of my ex-husband's name and his sporadic antics can cause the hair on my back to rise and the spit to fly and panic to set in: I remind myself that all that matters is that my child is safe, happy, healthy, and chaos free because of me.  Everything I've gone through was to get her to me and I'm so blessed because of it.

I might be small, shy, and sweet - but this kitty can roar - and I can be fierce as a Lioness and protective as a MamaBear when the need arises. Those unfortunate enough to see my fury usually learn that too late. I have fangs and claws, and I'm not afraid to use them; especially in the defense of my own, or those who don't have the strength to stick up for themselves.



Your thoughts have Power. Your reactions have Power.  Your words have Power.  What you do with the hurt and the pain has Power.  

Don't be afraid of your Power. Own it! Embrace it! With it you can do great things. Empower those who lost theirs. You have the Power to manifest your dreams and create your own experiences.  We were all given free will and we are all a part of the Whole.

 So I ask, do you wallow in depression and pity? Or do you stand up for yourself and say NO?!
Keep your Personal Power to yourself!!

I'm going to share some links and resources later that might help.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #3 - Be-Long

Woohoo! It's my third Flash Fiction Friday with the Flashers writing group. Enjoy! ;)

Flash Fiction Friday - Writing challenge based on a picture prompt. One picture to inspire one hundred words (no more, no less).


“You don't belong here.” Fingertips touched mine, lips brushing my hand. Breath rattled in my chest and my heart squeezed painfully. Warmth enveloped coldness.

Every muscle burned in remembrance, anguished. “I belong with you.”

“Not like this.” He released, but I held on.

“I can feel you.” Climbing up, I scrambled to reclaim him.

“This can't go on.” He shook his head, coming closer. “Let me go.”

“How?” My foot hesitated.

“Get off the ledge. Live,” he ordered.

“I'm still with you." He reached up “Here,” touched my heart, pushed.


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~Laughter Release~

If laughter can drive one to tears, why can't tears drive one to laughter? It did, today.

~Laughter Release~
By: Luna Ella Aldora

© 11/16/11

Oh muse of mine
bear with me as
I de-clutter my mind
of refuse of the past
clear out the cobwebs
cleanse the murky depths
release the pulse
aflutter in my breast

waking me up!

Bouncing off
parted lips
with salt
moist with
bitter sweet
gliding down
tongue twisting
throat chafing
raw and real.
Giggles bubbling
guffaws tumbling

belly tickling

giddy and
saliva producing
clear me
cleanse me
lift me up
oh glorious
breath escaping
weight releasing


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #2 - Surrender...

Woohoo! It's my second Flash Fiction Friday with the Flashers writing group. Enjoy! ;)

Flash Fiction Friday - Writing challenge based on a picture prompt. One picture to inspire one hundred words (no more, no less).

I unlocked the door, slipped off my heels, and quietly padded to the bedroom. While he slept, I planned to slip in, crawl under the covers and take my lover into my mouth, sucking him awake and showing him just how much I missed him.

“Shh.” A deep voice hissed. “Where is she?”

“Not home.”
Confused, I peered through the crack in the door to see a large hand gripping his chiseled chest roughly.
“You're lucky.” The voice growled in his ear. I gasped, feeling the world crash down as my lover's eyelashes fluttered in surrender... 


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Friday, November 4, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #1 - Acceptance

I'm very excited!! This is my very first Flash Fiction piece with the writers of Flashers Fiction Friday. A special thank you to Benjamin Tiberius Russell for the invite to this wonderful group!

It almost didn't happen. I have been out of power, phone, internet, and cable service since last Saturday due to the freak Halloween weekend Snow storm.  For a few days I had access at a hotel I stayed at.  I'm currently at McDonald's using their free wi-fi.  I hope to have access again in a few days.  I'm going crazy without being connected! Thanks for your patience and enjoy! :)

Flash Fiction Friday - Writing challenge based on a picture prompt. One picture to inspire one hundred words (no more, no less).

Anguish and terror ripped me from my dreams, awakening the Beast. I soared over their heads, answering her call with my own. They had her cornered against Our tree. Although her back was toward me, I knew there would be fear in her eyes. Her slender wrists were already bound by chafing twine. Small droplets of blood slid down her arms as they yanked, spinning her around. My nostrils flared seeing the cage. Our souls were connected. I couldn't betray our secret. Her gaze sought mine. Held it. I roared in rage and grief at the Acceptance I saw there.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flash Fiction and "Release"

I was invited to start Flashing - Flash Fiction and I'm excited! I've seen other writers participating. I had wondered about it and was thinking of asking someone when I was approached by Benjamin Tiberius Russell to give it a try. Yay! One picture to inspire one hundred words. I was going to sit the first one out and watch the other authors in action, but the image called to me and I'm ready! :)

On another note, I am relieved to share with you that "Alyssa," the teenage spirit girl from Jersey Love: Apple Dreams & Release. Midnight on Halloween/Samhain, her anniversary, she let me know she was ready. The girl had a flare for the dramatic and I can't help smiling as I write this. She couldn't contain her emotions, bouncing back and forth between giddy excitement, sadness, and anxiety.

She read every comment that was left for "her" story, as she has repeatedly claimed for herself, and feels secure in the knowledge that even though right now her family is unable to accept her passing and have shut down emotionally, others will always remember her and love her. Teens are ego-driven creatures, a restless afterlife doesn't stop that. But now the bright and shining girl is at rest.

Thank you for your support and the care you have shown towards "my" characters, but especially towards "Alyssa." There is never a dull moment in my life. I don't know why they choose me, but as long as they keep sharing their lives with me, I will keep writing for them.