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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #5- Winter's First

Woohoo! It's my fifth Flash Fiction Friday with the Flashers writing group. Enjoy! ;)

Flash Fiction Friday - Writing challenge based on a picture prompt. One picture to inspire one hundred words (no more, no less).

Winter's First

She knelt with head bowed in reverence. This could finally be her chance to prove herself; a way to set her apart. She trembled with excitement as sweat pooled at her feet, rushing in rivulets across the surface, icing over. Her sister was chosen last year. Gathering her courage to her breast, she gazed with yearning down at Earth below. At the “ahem,” she looked up and met her frosty gaze.

“Ready?” Winter's crisp voice asked.

She smiled.

“Go forth, Winter's First Snow.”

Unable to contain her joy, she spread her wings and dropped off the cloud.


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ERP said...

this is awesome Luna! So cool ;)


Naomi said...

Nice one

Bonni S. said...

Very imaginative Luna! I loved it!

Davee said...

WOWWOWOW I totally loved this. I am enamored with snow. I have 3 snowflake tattoos and will have more soon. Absolutely loved this FFF.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, loved your take on the pic. Beautiful post.

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

Damn, this is so cool, which considering your post is a play on words. Wow, what a wonderful interpretation of this week's photo. Luna, you have a creative imagination and I am duly impressed.

Muffy Wilson said...

I loved this perspective and creative 'blast' on this FFF. What a wonderfully inspired piece. Loved it thoroughly.............:) xo

Lee Brazil said...

What an awesome post, Luna! I love the personification of snow! Delicate and fragile, powerful, this model is perfect for your interpretation!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea for this FFF. I loved it!

gemma parkes said...

Beautiful post Luna, love your imagery!

Katie Harper said...

That was awesome!! You took this pic in a totally different direction. BRILLIANT!!

Lisa Worrall said...

Wow! That was fantastic Luna - you so completely went where no one else thought of to go :)

VenusBookluvr said...

So beautiful. Just lovely!

Author Cyril J. Michael said...

Love your imaginative take on this photo!

Luna Ella Aldora said...

Aww, thank you everyone for being open to the seasonal magic I saw when gazing at this picture! Your responses made me blush and smile. After a few not so great pain days, it was such a pleasant change. :)

(Davee: Snowflake tats? That's awesome!)


Lindsey said...

Wow, such a beautiful image. Breathtaking FFF.

michellelady said...

Hot Damn, I loved this. What an imagination and so well written. My Dad and I would go out in the first snow of the year and "catch" snowflakes. Each one is so unique.
Thank you for inspiring some wonderful old memories.