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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Holidays winners announced...

Congratulations to the Literotica Winter Holiday Winners!! Nomoretears00 ("A Ta'Narian Christmas") for took 1st Place, cbsummers ("Santa Claus: Sex Addict") took 2nd place (I have to read it yet) and SweetestThing took 3rd place ("A Proper Send-Off").
"A Ta'Narian Christmas" (Gay Male, Sci-fi/Fantasy) was heart-warming, humorous, emotional, and a perfect holiday story. I was swept into the Ta'Narian world and made to believe. I want one of the cat-men for myself! Oh wait, I don't think the boys like to share each other. *pout* 'Tis a shame. ;)
"A Proper Send-Off" (Lesbian) was wonderful, emotive story telling, full of tenderness, wit, heat.
Congrats to all of the authors brave enough to enter, withstand the trolls, the sweeps, and the competition. I've made some wonderful new connections again. :)
My thanks to everyone for your support, kind comments, and sharing your own personal stories with me! Your comments on ~Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind~ make my heart smile and my cheeks blush and I am sure the inspiration of the story is smiling down and shining her love as well.

I hope to see more stories with disabled main characters in them. There is SUCH a need for it. Even more so, a need for the romance and erotica genres to explore it more fully. A disability or illness does not cancel out a person's sexuality or ability to love, in fact it can enhance it. Learning, exploring, and adapting can be fun! Maybe I will write more. :)

There are some wonderful resources out there, even documentaries done that can help you learn more if you are interested in disability studies and in particular sexuality aspects. PM MidniteRose (Aurora Rose Andromeda) if you'd like to. She's opened my eyes to so much and for that I can never thank her enough, for she is a true soul-sister and friend. <3

I wish you all Happy, Health, Heart-filled, Healing Holidays!