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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #7 - Christmas Light

Welcome to a special Holiday/Christmas Flash Fiction!  The moment I laid eyes on this romantic picture, I knew I had found my contribution photo.  As some authors/Flashers have stated in our group, this picture could use an entire novel's worth of descriptions and story-line.  I certainly agree.  However, "Flash" is the name of the game.  One picture prompt to inspire One-Hundred words (no more, no less). Fiction.

 Christmas Light

Eyes meeting, the couple seemed oblivious to the elements as I watched from the shadows. My heart warmed at the romantic scene. The gentleman was tender, respectful, and slightly hesitant as the sophisticated beauty slid her hands up to his shoulders, stood on tiptoe, glided her lips across his; claiming him. He drew her in closer to deepen the kiss. As his cool, calming demeanor tempered the fiery spirit of the passionate enchantress, I smiled and nodded, allowing Christmas Light to envelop me in it's freeing embrace. Love had come again and I knew she would be what he needed.


I hope you enjoyed reading my little tale of holiday romance.  And please remember that although this can be a difficult time of year, missing those who are no longer with us, they are always near if we just listen and pay attention to the signs of love they have to share with us. If you need help listening, please take a look at an essay I wrote last year from personal experience and from the experience of the people who have come to me for healing and comfort.


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Happy Holidays to One and All. My wish is for you to have gratitude and find contentment in what you do have, but not to stop believing in the magic of possibilities - including love! <3



Havan said...

Just lovely! Great FFF...and great thoughts! :D

Davee said...

Beautiful as usual, Luna, Merry Christmas!

Naomi said...

So beautiful. I loved it

Lee Brazil said...

awww! I love everyone's sweet take this week!

michellelady said...

A sweet beautiful Christmas story.

Merry Christmas to you too.

Sancre Darling aka S.E. Darling said...

I love the sweet fire of this one. Wonderful!

Eden Connor said...

It's always sweet to watch an unabashed reunion of two lovers. Beautiful take on the image, Luna, Bravo! Merry Christmas ;-)

ERP said...

Lovely Sweets <3

Rolling Muse In The Roses said...

Wow! That made me feel all warm and fuzzy with butterflies inside. :)

gemma parkes said...

Beautiful and l loved it! Merry Christmas Luna!

Sara York said...

Very nice. I loved this one.

Katie Harper said...

Absolutely beautiful. Everyone needs a love fairy in their life.


Yvonne Nicolas said...

That was a beautiful post. Merry Christmas Luna!

Cassandre Dayne said...

AWE - Merry Christmas and that was wonderful!

Bonni S. said...

Beautifully done! Two lovers meeting, being watched, it was so sweet.

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

This is a picture that evokes a lot of emotion. It's hard to look at it and not feel the heat between the dances. Luna, I like your tender take on this picture and a love so profound even a stranger could see it. Well done.

VenusBookluvr said...


Author Cyril J. Michael said...


Luna Ella Aldora said...

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! I'm glad I went for more ambiguous than I originally intended with this one. I love to hear what your interpretations of mine are. ;) I hope you all had enjoyable holidays!